What Is StreetCred Software?

StreetCred Software helps police agencies find fugitives, get them out of the community and bring their officers home safely every day. It does this by combining information and data from the criminal justice system, courts, municipalities and other sources, analyzing it, then using US Patent-pending technologies to bring predictively prioritized information right to the hands of the officers.

StreetCred is a new way of looking at fugitive and warrant backlogs. Fundamentally, it answers the question, “If I only have eight hours, which are the best fugitives to pursue, right now, to clear the highest number of warrants in the most effective way?”

The Problem

Most local, county, state, tribal and even federal law enforcement agencies and courts face the challenge that their misdemeanor fugitives outnumber each warrant officer by thousands – sometimes tens of thousands – to one. Felony fugitives are being sought using the same paper-and-clipboard manner as they have been for decades.  Not only does this affect officer safety and situational awareness, it costs taxpayers big money – in Texas alone there is more than $1 billion in backlogged misdemeanor warrants – and leads to lack of compliance.

The Solution


StreetCred is an important part of the solution. By automating the aggregation of data and information on all types of fugitives, StreetCred gets the data out of the filing cabinets and into the hands of the officers.

All the information they need, all the leads they get, are all stored and displayed in one central, easy-to-use and simple place, securely delivered to the Mobile Data Terminal or mobile device – no special software is required.

StreetCred gives your officers clear routing and contact information, officer safety warnings (for example, of violent history, weapons possession or specialized history with an agency), images, maps and digital artifacts. It’s all delivered on a single screen that has been designed from the ground up to be used by officers right on their vehicle’s mobile computer terminal.

What We Do


We’re not looking for “good” warrants. Rather, through a series of discrete steps, StreetCred seeks to disqualify from consideration by officers those fugitives StreetCred believes are less likely to be located or able to pay. For information on how we do it, click here. To read a white paper about how well it works, click here.

Who We Are

StreetCred Software, Inc., was founded by two Texas police officers. We believe passionately in secure, open data exchange within law enforcement to increase transparency, accountability, efficiency and, above all, officer and community safety. One is a veteran investigator and fugitive hunter, the other a technology industry veteran who became an officer after working as a security, intelligence and law enforcement analyst. To read about our core team, click here.

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