Through its unique insight into how law enforcement works, with first-hand understanding of the processes and responsibilities of officers, administrators, court clerks and IT professionals, StreetCred® Software, Inc., has made significant breakthroughs into identifying, aggregating, and disseminating targeted information that increases the probability of successful location of and compliance by people of interest, all while keeping officers safe with crucial situational-awareness intelligence.

StreetCred Software, Inc., is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. It is funded by 2M Companies, Inc., the family office of Morton H. Meyerson, in support of The David Nathan Meyerson Foundation and our communities. 2M seeks to invest with people who are interested in effecting social change. In 2013, StreetCred was accelerated by Code for America, which facilitates collaboration between government staff, and fosters forward-thinking approaches to solving city problems. Code for America supports civic-minded entrepreneurs and startups.